Patio Villa in Kommos

Date December 2017
Location Kommos, Pitsidia, Crete
Size 200 m2 each house
Category Residence

The style of these 2 houses is Mediterranean with traditional and modern elements.

The landscape of the plot is green with olive trees all around. The total size of the plot is 5.000 m2 with a clean view to the sea at 180 degrees the mountain of Psiloritis
The residence situated in the hill next to Kommos beach, one of the most beautiful and virgin locations in south Crete.
The view from our residenceis a virgin area without other houses on the front, since the Archaeological Authorityhas characterized the entire area as an Archeological zone and building in front of this villa is prohibited.

The stones, the water and the green contribute to the atmosphere of the residences!
All the natural elements of the landscape and the fact that we are situated close to the sea and the Mediterranean atmosphereoffer the owners of the villa a sense of nature as part of their house. We wanted to adjust the house inside the nature and make themcoexist together in harmony.

The entire construction will be a ground floor building with the living room and all the bedrooms facing to the southwest, to the sea, the sun and the wonderful sunset.

The size of each house is 200 m2 and consists of the following:

  • Before you enter the house, you find one big (100 m2) area with an old olive tree.
  • One large living room with modern kitchen and big windows with sea view.
  • 2 master bedrooms with private bathrooms and large balconies with a wood pergola in each one.
  • 1 extra-large master bedroom with private bathroom and a small private area. Outside this bedroom, you will find one large veranda with a wood pergola and direct view to the sea.
  • A large pool &Jacuzzi with sea view.
  • A small living room with a pergola on the roof of the building.

From the main patio situated in the middle of the house, you can reach the living room and bedrooms so each bedroom has a separate entrance and there is full privacy.
The patio connects all parts of the house and members of the family. It serves as the heart of the villa and the family.

The verandas located on the southwest side of the residence and have a clean view to the sea will have an additional shading and glazing system, so that the very windy days you can simply close the large window and create a feeling of being in a closed area without being disturbed by the strong wind. 
In addition, the shading system installed helps during the afternoon hours when the sun sets, so that the light does not enter the residence and the veranda, thus disturbing the harmony and tranquility of family members.