Building with Apartments in Matala

Date November 2016
Location Matala, Crete
Size 282.53 m2
Category Residence

One great combination of wood, stone and normal walls. From the side of the pool, the construction is more simple with Mediterranean style and outdoor architectural, with small balconies and verandas.

This Apartment complex, located in Matala, consists of 5 Apartments and its total size is 282.53 m2.

The building consists of two floors:

  • 4 apartments with 2 bedrooms
  • 1 apartment with 1 bedroom

In the front of the building there is a swimming pool. In the surrounding area there are large trellises with barbecue and also one apartment has its own trellises and barbecue.
The two apartments on the upper floor have a fireplace to be perfect for winter holidays.
Each apartment has large and spacious terraces and large windows to be full sun all day.