Architecture under the sun
Founded in 2017 in Matala, Crete — hosting the legendary caves that became summer homes to hundreds of international youngsters in the 70s — Tzagkarakis + Associates is combining the love of place with the technical expertise and experience in creating living spaces that stand on a rough and extreme yet sensitive and rewarding environment.
Our goal
It is self-evident that buildings and houses must submit themselves to the space scale, fit into the aesthetic landscaping of their surroundings and obey the principles of “metron” and balance. Respect of metron is not just a matter of aesthetics but also a rule of moral and cultural behavior. Then you let simplicity drive you to the splendor of its beauty.
Οur aim
To make your dream come true. Each person is unique. Our duty is to reflect the uniqueness and the preferences of each person on the project. With customized designs and ideas we are moving your vision forward - together. We create personalized designs and come up with innovative ideas, in order to make your dream come true. Our office offers comprehensive construction services, including full supervision and construction of your project in all stages.
Nowadays, technology gives you the chance to see the depiction of your idea on a computer application, allowing you to see your future residence in a three-dimension (3D) photorealistic display, before its construction begins. In this way you are able to interfere and make any kind of changes you wish to. You can be absolutely sure for the aesthetics and functionality of the work before the construction begins.
Our team
We are a technical office with recognized and highly qualified partners in the entire services area. Our office, established by civil engineer Tzagarakis Michalis, graduate of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), works alongside selected and experienced partners in the field of architectural design and construction.
Michalis Tzagkarakis
Eleftheria Sora
Aglaia Sfakaki
Gina Danochristou
Maria Skliri
Anthi Piladarinou
Orestis Vranos
Aria Lagoudaki
Fay Bagiartaki + little Orfeas
Manolis Nikiforakis
Nikos Theodorou
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