Having a property in Crete is the ideal, profitable choice that you have ever made!
Life in Crete is full of advantages.


One of the characteristics of Crete is its unparalleled beauty, that of nature, and that of the architecture of its villages and cities, where the traditional and the modern element are combined together and are perfectly harmonized with the natural environment. The beaches and the canyons of Crete have been acknowledged among the most beautiful ones of the world, as well as the caves and the archeological sites that are dispersed across the island. The Crete experience will give you unforgettable memories.


The winters in Crete are mild. Most days are sunny and rains are rare. Summers are usually dry and the sky is always clean. The sun is shining on average 310 days a year and the night sky is full of bright stars.

  Brand value

Crete is an internationally recognized island, well known for the attractive holidays that can offer, so it is listed among the most popular touristic options worldwide. 

  Natives’ hospitality

Crete is the home of Xenios Zeus, the god of hospitality. You can see hospitality as “philoksenia” in all Cretan people, whose friendliness and smiley faces reflect their culture and mentality.


Wherever you are in Crete, from a tiny village to a big town, you will fall in love with its nightlife. Especially during the summer period, natives and foreigners gather together in local festivals known as “panigiria” where local dances, drinks and food guarantee a perfect night!

  Cost of life

The cost of life in Crete is much lower than in the rest of Europe.


The island’s history is more than 4.000 years old and has countless monuments and museums. A history that dates back to the years of Minoan and continues to the modern years that will definitely impress you. Come with us and live this voyage within the time, travel in this “time machine” in all these different epochs through the museums and the archaeological sites that exist in our island.

  Member State of the EU

The process of buying a property in Crete is very simple both for EU citizens and for international citizens since any bureaucratic difficulties have been eliminated. By buying a property over 250.000€, buyers are offered a five- year visa, which can be renewed after 5 years.

  Development of tourism

Crete’s tourist industry develops every year, attracting more and more visitors. By owning a touristic unit your profit is certain.

Villa with pool Pool with view to the sea

Magic Crete

Invest in Tourism

Tourist development in Crete is growing year by year by constructing more and more touristic complexes.
Big and smaller hotel units are built every year so the island attracts more visitors, covering any taste and need. Be part of this development and take advantage of tourism.
Many foreign villa owners have their properties for individual usage, but when they are abroad, they rent them and so they recoup their initial investment.

By purchasing a property in Crete, you’ll get away from the stress of the big cities and you‘ll benefit of all the island’s advantages.
So get the chance to become a member of a community, where the lifestyle is healthier!

The hospitality of natives, the sun, the sea, the amazing cuisine, the history of the island and its natural beauty, contribute to live your own myth, so at the moment you disembark from the island your emotions are that of joy for the experiences you were given, but also of sadness for leaving the island behind.

The combination of different geological elements, beautiful Mediterranean beaches, and others with palm trees and golden sand, cities with multiple architectural characteristics, mountains covered with snow and truly green plains, give the impressions that one can meet the whole world just within some days!