Mediterranean Harmony (Kommos-south Crete)

Feel the aura of Kommos, where “Mediterranean Harmony” emerges from the Cretan soil like an anthem to ancient and contemporary beauty. In this realm of four volumes, the main abode nestles in the central one, offering a bedroom as a sanctuary of absolute serenity. Each separate volume is a private haven, with bedrooms incorporating outdoor baths and spaces that promise complete privacy.

Mediterranean flora embraces the stone constructions, while wooden pergolas stand as the discreet signature of the architectural philosophy of the space. The combination of white with stone creates an aesthetic balance, which is transformed into a place harmonizing with the environment and the history of the landscape. Each room, with its personal character, offers endless views towards the wild and unexplored Cretan scenery, while the living shadows cast by the pergolas on the smooth floors create a dance of light and shade that communicates with the poetry of nature.

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