• Design year: 2020
  • Location: Volakas, Crete

Autonomous residences in the region of south Crete.

One-story or two-story, on the ground or underground, all the residences turn towards the imposing Volakas [Volax] rock heading to the Libyan sea. Volakas rock was the source of inspiration for the creators of the project. Thus, the complex of buildings was designed in such a way that Volax is visible from most of the spots of each residence.

The «dancing» sequence of the four upstairs apartments is the basic element of the complexion, aiming to the unobstructed view and the maximum adaptation to the natural and artificial boundaries.

The panoramic view to the rock determined the architectural composition. On both sides of them there is a «game οf full and empty» that shapes all the spaces of the residences.(internal and patios).

The rest of the apartments are designed in such a way that makes them almost disappear in the beautiful Cretan olive grove. The tenants enjoy their accommodation underneath covered patios, which unite the buildings and have private hot tubs. The main elements of the complex are the color white and the local stone, in total compliance with the architectural and morphological particularity of the region. A patchwork of simple constructions which fits perfectly in the surrounding environment.