Our office implements the design, supervision and construction of the project at all stages.

We undertake projects concerning:

  • Houses
  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings
  • Restaurants

We listen carefully to your ideas for your dream house, or your investment ideas, and we guarantee a good cooperation and effectiveness that will reflect your desire! We work with absolute transparency. We check carefully all the technical and legal aspects of the buildability of each plot and the legality of each property, so we are 100% sure before any transaction. We keep you fully updated at all stages of the process and send you all the necessary documents and surveying in electronic form, so you can check them by yourself. Our office undertakes all the bureaucratic activities with all public services including the signing of all documents needed for the purchase, building and delivery of the property, with the assistance of selected lawyers and notaries.

Nowadays, technology gives you the chance to see the depiction of your idea on a computer application, allowing you to see your future residence in a three-dimension (3D) photorealistic display, before its construction begins.  In this way you are able to interfere and make any kind of changes you wish to. You can be absolutely sure for the aesthetics and functionality of the work before the construction begins.

Since we come to an agreement, we start planning the project (development plan, site plan, etc).  Our major goal is to take into consideration your budget and your suggestions before the construction providing:

  • pre-costing of the project at every work stage
  • the schedule of implementation at every work stage
  • detailed work plan

You will receive a booklet with the detailed study of the project at all stages. We also keep you updated at all phases of the work by sending you photographs and all the necessary documents via e-mail. We provide you with the ability to supervise the whole project at every building and construction stage.

Our purpose is to build for you an excellent construction, with the best technical materials paying attention to the slightest detail. At the end, once everything is set you will receive the residence you dream of, with the keys in hand and all the necessary documents.

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