Our office supports the search, planning and implementation of the appropriate investment project on the desired property.

We help you attain the residence of your dreams, either by building it from scratch or by purchasing a newly built house. You can invest your money on the construction of a touristic complex that is one of the best setups for generating profits.

Our portfolio includes a wide variety of properties which are either close or next to the sea with an unobstructed view to it that combine natural beauty with cultural interest and will surely attract your interest. We also offer a variety of investment suggestions all around the island for those who are interested in making an investment.

We arrange the construction permit, so you will exactly know the building rights in any case and we take on the legal control over the property that is for sale.

Our office undertakes all the bureaucratic activities with all public services including all documents needed for the purchase, building and delivery of the property, in collaboration with trusted qualified lawyers and notaries.  Once everything is arranged, you will receive the property with the keys in hand, and all the necessary documents.

Real Estate Plot at country side with view at the Sea Real Estate Maisonette with Pool