Artist’s house

A barrier – free villa is created in Kamilari Village, that offers a new experience of life in Crete, as an opportunity for artistic inspiration.  Its industrial design contrasts with the natural landscape, offering a new perspective of the surroundings and a new challenge to explore traditionality.
The bare concrete and plaster volumes of the house merge into a play of interior and outdoor spaces, patios and semi-covered areas in harmony with the Mediterranean climate. In addition alcove windows are placed in various parts of the house, providing new sitting areas with different views and qualities of light.
The entrance is located on the south side, as is the second bedroom and the courtyard leading to the art studio, allowing the natural light to subtly penetrate the interior. The main sitting area is allocated in said courtyard and offers natural shade in summer.
The art studio itself, on the other side, faces north, allowing for maximum sunlight duration, but without direct sunlight. The living room also faces north and offers a great view of the mountains.