Oasis House (Paros)

The building is located on the north side of the island of Paros, just outside the settlement of Naousa. The view of the natural bay that is formed at this point, is complemented by the special relief of the island itself and the smaller islands that are visible from the plot.

The building faces the view and is divided into smaller volumes to harmonize with the scale of the place. A rhythmic alternation of closed, semi-outdoor and open spaces is proposed, thus forming small shaded oases,  in this way the building itself indicates the contact with the outside.

At the same rate, we observe the alternation of materials – plaster, wood, stone – which emphasizes the division of volumes and conveys at a glance the essence of the Aegean way of building.

The forms, in turn, are in line with traditional patterns. Small openings are used, frames in light gray color with wood veins and stone rafters, dry stone walls and rounded plaster corners.

The overall goal for the design of this house is to negotiate the relationship of the modern way of life based on the protection of the environment and our architectural heritage.