Residence among walls

Τhree houses located on a plot with a steep slope and panoramic sea view. The majesty of this place pushed us to design a building that integrates into its environment and is a discreet presence of human intervention on the landscape.

The building essentially consists of two parallel placed stone walls, which follow the slope of the plot and fade into the landscape. Their construction from the local stone, in combination with the continuation of the natural ground, gives the impression that it is a natural formation.

The houses are placed between the stone walls, on levels and at a distance from each other. In this way we achieve the view from all sections and through openings for lighting and ventilation. On the contrary, the openings in the stone walls are limited.

The parallel of the stone construction is broken by an axis which turns to the optimal view of the plot. This axis is repeated three times – as many as the houses – and according to it the entrance, the pool and the open space are formed.

Placement on levels and splitting from this axis, contribute to privacy between homes.

The materials and shades used are carefully selected to coexist harmoniously with the natural environment. The local stone, the plaster in close to the stones’ shade, the frames in dark gray color and the pergolas covered with natural materials complement the architectural forms so that construction can exist in continuation of nature.